Rearranging can make a HUGE difference!

A while back, I worked with a realtor to stage a home for sale. The client had already done a great job of clearing away a lot of the clutter we all gather in our day to day life which made my job much easier.


By raising the curtains and slightly opening the blinds, more light was allowed in this space making the room feel brighter and larger. An added perk was that now the people looking at the house can also get a glimpse of the backyard. Area rugs help define space, but in a small space like the kitchen, rugs make the area feel smaller. So, by removing the rug from the kitchen the room looks larger. Then, it was a matter of clearing off the glass top table, so there is nothing blocking the eye from moving around the room.

house staging Once again, even though there were not a lot of things on the counter, I cleared the off the counter, so the eye could wonder around the whole kitchen. I also moved a photo from one side of the room to the blank space over the sink. Little changes make a big difference.

house staging1

Living Room

The living room needed some help. As you can see in the below before pictures, the owner was unsure about furniture placement. This uncertainty lead to a large room feeling disconnected. I began by moving the rug from the kitchen into the den to help define space. Then, I brought the pieces of the sectional together to create a regular couch which faced the two focal points in the room- the television and the fireplace. Now, there is plenty of seating for company and they will not be yelling across the room. I also made sure to keep the fireplace the focal point by using the curtains to frame it instead of the windows themselves. By doing this symmetry is created encompassing the windows and the fireplace.

Recently UpdatedThe couch and the rug placement now create a natural walkway around the room from kitchen to front door and to the bedrooms. Along with moving the couch and rug, I repositioned some of the pictures which draws the eye around the room.

Recently Updated1

Little changes can make a big difference, and you do not always have to spend money to create a new look for a space. What do you think about the before and after pictures? Let me know in the comments below.


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